• Complete Robot Cells, Gantries, Rail Systems
  • Material Handling
  • Stationary & Robot Mounted Vision Systems
  • Metal removal/finishing
  • Palletizing and Pack-out
  • Foundry & sand casting automation
  • Welding
  • Adhesive and coating dispense
  • Robot mounted multi-spindle fastening


To be an extension of our customers existing resources and enable them to meet their obligations. To provide expert design services with the goal of 100% on-time delivery.


We employ a straight-forward design approach to using the latest tools to produce cost effective solutions on time and within budget.  We provide our customers with innovative solutions to automation and process challenges.


At Advanced Assembly Solutions, L.L.C., our experience allows our customers to meet their production objectives with reliable, efficient designs that are cost effective to build and perform over the long term.


  • Cold Forming, Bending, Trimming
  • Clinching/Staking
  • Piercing/Notching/Drilling
  • Manual/Auto Load Unload
  • Orbital and Press Riveting
  • Clip & Captive Fastener Install

press operations

functional testing

  • Process Validation
  • Assembly Verification/Poke Yoke
  • Function and Effort Testing
  • Sound Testing

automation assembly

  • Manual & Automated Assembly Stations
  • Welding, Clamping, Gauge Fixtures
  • Handoff, Re-grip & Staging Fixtures
  • A-frame, Trunnion, Spot Weld Fixtures
  • Dial Machines, Line Transfer, Lift & Locate
  • Nut & stud weld Fixtures
  • De-flash, De-burring, De-gating


  • Multi-Spindle Fastening Tools
  • Special Sockets
  • Torque Tubes, Ergonomic Support Arms

complete design services